Easy Chicken Pot Pie with Cream of Chicken Soup Recipe

In the heart of home-cooked meals, the classic chicken pot pie holds a special place, warming hearts and bellies with its creamy, savory goodness. This article dives deep into crafting the perfect chicken pot pie recipe with cream of chicken soup, a twist on the traditional that promises ease without sacrificing flavor. From the essential ingredients to the golden, flaky crust that caps it all off, we’ll walk you through every step, offering tips and variations to suit every taste. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, this guide will help you whip up a comforting classic that’s sure to impress.much like the warmth and nostalgia evoked by traditional recipes such as Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe – A Timeless Comfort Food.

Introduction to Chicken Pot Pie with Cream of Chicken Soup

Ah, chicken pot pie – a dish that conjures images of cozy family dinners and steam rising from a golden crust. But let’s add a twist: cream of chicken soup. This ingredient not only simplifies the cooking process but also infuses the pie with a depth of flavor that’s hard to beat. Before we roll up our sleeves and dive into the recipe, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey of this beloved dish.

The Timeless Appeal of Chicken Pot Pie

Originating from the hearty, filled pastries known to many cultures, chicken pot pie has evolved into a comfort food staple in kitchens around the globe. Its simplicity, versatility, and heartwarming qualities have made it a favorite among families for generations.

Why Cream of Chicken Soup Makes It Special

Incorporating cream of chicken soup into the recipe does wonders. It not only enriches the filling with a creamy texture and savory flavor but also streamlines the preparation process, making it accessible for cooks of all levels. Plus, it opens the door to countless variations, ensuring that there’s a pot pie to suit every palate.

So, whether you’re looking to recreate a taste of nostalgia or simply in search of a delicious, comforting meal, this chicken pot pie recipe with cream of chicken soup is your ticket to a delightful culinary adventure. Let’s get started and uncover the secrets to making this timeless dish shine.

Ingredients and Preparations

Discover how to make a comforting chicken pot pie using cream of chicken soup with this easy recipe. Perfect for a hearty family meal.

Before we dive into the heart of cooking, gathering your ingredients is the first step on this culinary journey. A great chicken pot pie starts with simple, quality ingredients that blend together to create a symphony of flavors. Here’s what you’ll need for your chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup:

Ingredients List

  • 1 can (10 1/2 ounces) Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup (or Cream of Chicken with Herbs for added flavor)
  • 1/2 cup milk (for a creamy consistency)
  • 2 cups cubed cooked chicken (rotisserie chicken works wonders for ease and flavor)
  • 1 package (12 ounces) frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, green beans, corn, peas), thawed
  • 1 package (about 14 ounces) of refrigerated pie crust (2 crusts), at room temperature
  • 1 egg (whisked, for the egg wash)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of garlic salt (for seasoning)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of onion powder (optional, but recommended for depth of flavor)

Feel free to tweak the ingredients to suit your dietary needs or preferences. Now, onto the preparations.

Preparation Steps

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (205°C), setting the stage for a perfectly baked pie.
  2. Prepare the pie dish: Line the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate with one of the pie crusts. Brush it lightly with some of the whisked egg to create a barrier that helps prevent a soggy bottom.
  3. Mix the filling: In a medium bowl, combine the cream of chicken soup, milk, cubed chicken, thawed vegetables, garlic salt, and onion powder. Stir until everything is evenly mixed.

With your ingredients prepped and your filling mixed, you’re ready to move on to the cooking phase, where the magic really happens.

Cooking Instructions

Now that your stage is set and your actors are ready, it’s showtime. The cooking process is where your chicken pot pie begins to take shape, transforming raw ingredients into a comforting classic.

Cooking Process

  1. Fill the pie: Spoon the chicken mixture into the pie plate lined with the bottom crust. Ensure the filling is evenly spread, creating a smooth surface for the top crust.
  2. Top it off: Place the second pie crust over the filling. Crimp the edges of the top and bottom crusts together to seal in the goodness. With a sharp knife, cut several slits in the top crust to allow steam to escape during baking.
  3. Bake to perfection: Bake in the preheated oven for about 35 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the filling is bubbly. If the crust begins to brown too quickly, cover it with foil or a pie crust shield to prevent over-browning.

Ensuring a Crispy Crust

The secret to a crispy crust lies in the details. First, using an egg wash not only gives your pie a beautiful golden sheen but also helps create a crispy texture. Additionally, placing the pie on a lower oven rack can help ensure the bottom crust cooks thoroughly, avoiding the dreaded soggy bottom.

Once your pie is golden brown and your kitchen smells like heaven, it’s time to take it out of the oven. Let it rest for a few minutes before serving; this allows the filling to set, making it easier to slice.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a delicious chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup! This dish is sure to bring smiles and warmth to your table, proving that sometimes, the simplest ingredients can create the most memorable meals.*

Customizations and Variations

One of the joys of cooking is making a recipe your own, and this chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup is no exception. With a few tweaks, you can cater to various tastes and dietary needs, ensuring everyone at the table is delighted.

Customizing Your Pot Pie

  • Dietary Adjustments: For a gluten-free version, opt for a gluten-free pie crust and ensure your cream of chicken soup is gluten-free as well. Dairy-free? Substitute the milk with a plant-based alternative and use a dairy-free pie crust.
  • Vegetarian Twist: Swap the chicken for a mix of hearty mushrooms or chickpeas for a vegetarian variant that’s just as satisfying.
  • Add a Dash of Flavor: Enhance the depth of flavor with a teaspoon of soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce. A sprinkle of fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary can add a fresh twist.

Creative Ideas for Leftovers

  • Turkey Pot Pie: Substitute chicken with leftover turkey for a post-holiday treat.
  • Ham and Cheese Pot Pie: Use diced ham instead of chicken and add a cup of shredded cheddar cheese for a cheesy delight.

Serving and PresentationDiscover how to make a comforting chicken pot pie using cream of chicken soup with this easy recipe. Perfect for a hearty family meal.

The final step in your chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup journey is serving and presentation. How you present your dish can transform it from a simple meal to a memorable dining experience.

Serving Suggestions

  • Side Dishes: A light, crisp salad or steamed green beans complement the richness of the pot pie perfectly. For a heartier meal, serve with mashed potatoes or roasted root vegetables.
  • Wine Pairing: A bottle of crisp white wine, such as a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, pairs beautifully with the creamy, savory flavors of the pot pie.

Presentation Tips for Special Occasions

  • Make It Festive: Use cookie cutters to create decorative shapes from the top crust for special occasions. Hearts for Valentine’s Day, leaves for fall celebrations, or stars for a festive holiday meal can add a touch of whimsy.
  • Individual Pot Pies: For a personalized touch, make individual pot pies using ramekins or small pie dishes. This is especially perfect for dinner parties or when catering to different dietary preferences.

Serving your chicken pot pie isn’t just about the food; it’s about creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner or a special occasion, this dish is sure to bring comfort and joy to your table.

With these customizations and serving tips, your chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup will not only be a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. Remember, the best meals are those shared with loved ones, infused with care, and enjoyed together. So, gather around the table and savor the delicious results of your culinary efforts.


When it comes to cooking, questions are as much a part of the process as the ingredients themselves. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about making chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup, designed to help you navigate any uncertainties with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I prevent a soggy crust? To avoid a soggy bottom crust, brush the bottom pie crust with an egg wash before adding the filling. This creates a barrier that helps keep the crust crisp. Additionally, baking the pie on a lower oven rack can help ensure the bottom crust cooks thoroughly.
  • Can I use a different soup instead of cream of chicken? Absolutely! While cream of chicken soup adds a rich flavor, you can also use Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Celery soup for a different twist. Each offers a unique flavor profile that can complement the other ingredients beautifully.
  • Is it possible to make this pot pie with only a top crust? Yes, for a lighter version, you can skip the bottom crust and simply use a top crust. This method also works well for those looking to reduce their intake of carbs or gluten (with a gluten-free crust).
  • What’s the best way to reheat leftovers? For the best results, reheat the pot pie in the oven at 325°F (165°C) for about 20-30 minutes, or until heated through. This method helps keep the crust crispy. If you’re short on time, microwaving works, but the crust may soften.

Health and Nutrition

Understanding the nutritional content of your meals is crucial for maintaining a balanced diet. Here’s a brief overview of the health and nutrition aspects of chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup.

Health and Nutrition

  • Caloric Content: A serving of chicken pot pie can vary in calories, but it’s generally considered a hearty meal. Using low-fat milk or a reduced-fat cream of chicken soup can help lower the calorie count.
  • Nutritional Breakdown: Chicken pot pie is rich in protein thanks to the chicken, and the vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals. However, it’s also high in fats and carbs, primarily due to the crust and creamy filling.

For those watching their diet, consider serving smaller portions alongside a large, leafy green salad to add balance to your meal. Remember, moderation is key to enjoying rich dishes like this pot pie while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With these FAQs and nutritional insights, you’re now fully equipped to tackle the chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup recipe with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or new to the kitchen, this dish is sure to become a comforting favorite that satisfies both the heart and the stomach.

Tips and Tricks

To elevate your chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup to the next level, incorporating a few expert tips and tricks can make all the difference. These insights ensure your pot pie is not only delicious but also a standout dish that impresses every time.

Expert Tips

  • Make Ahead and Freezing: One of the best things about chicken pot pie is its ability to be made ahead. Assemble your pie, then freeze it before baking. When you’re ready to enjoy, bake it straight from the freezer, adding about 20-30 minutes to the usual cooking time. This tip is a lifesaver for busy days or when planning meals in advance.
  • Achieving the Perfect Crust: For that perfectly golden and crispy crust, consider using a pie crust shield to prevent the edges from burning. If you don’t have one, a piece of aluminum foil will do the trick. Also, placing the pie on a baking sheet can help catch any drips and make removing the pie from the oven easier.
  • Customizing Your Filling: Don’t hesitate to get creative with the filling. While the classic vegetables are always a hit, adding sautéed mushrooms, leeks, or even swapping the chicken for turkey can offer a delightful twist. The key is to maintain the creamy consistency that makes this dish so comforting.

Using Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup adds a rich flavor and creamy texture to the pot pie, making it a comforting meal for any occasion. For more details on the product and additional recipes, visit Campbell’s official website.


As we wrap up this guide to creating the ultimate chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup, it’s clear that this dish is more than just a meal; it’s a comfort food classic that brings warmth and satisfaction to any table. With its rich, savory filling and flaky, buttery crust, chicken pot pie is a testament to the simple, yet profound joy of cooking and sharing food with loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Through detailed instructions, customization options, and expert tips, we’ve explored how to craft a chicken pot pie that’s both easy to make and incredibly delicious. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, this recipe offers a chance to create a dish that’s sure to become a cherished part of your cooking repertoire.

So, gather your ingredients, preheat your oven, and embark on the delightful journey of making a chicken pot pie with cream of chicken soup. Here’s to the joy of homemade meals, the pleasure of cooking for those we love, and the endless possibilities that lie within a simple recipe. Bon appétit!

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